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Princeton NJ Pets Feature


Pets play a huge role in our lives today. Man's best friends deserve the best information on care, products, and finding good homes. Natural pet food, daycare options, mobile pet grooming, and more are all listed below. Princeton Online's Pet Feature will keep you informed and your pet healthy and happy.

Pets for Adoption

Meet Edgar, a 1-year-old healthy boy who will steal your heart as soon as you enter the room. This adorable youngster will walk right up to you and introduce himself as one of the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet. Edgar has a black and white “tuxedo” pattern to his fur, and sweet amber eyes. He loves to romp around with kitty toys and his playful antics will make you smile. Edgar can be a bit of a rascal in the best possible way, and he will bring joy to your days if you make him a part of your read more
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